Thursday, June 17, 2010


Its been a busy few weeks. We are getting closer to winding up cherry season and we have squeezed in a little fun these past few weeks.

We bought a different back pack because as much as I loved wearing the ergo Nico didn't like it. Nico likes to watch what we are doing and he couldn't see over our shoulders. So we bought this backpack so he can watch what we are doing and get something done. So here is Marc wearing it for the first time.....doing a little yard work.

We joined the Heald's for Tuesdays in the park. It was fun to get Hannah and Nico together. Enjoying a few Veggie Sticks together

Sitting at a picnic table like a big boy!

We have gone to the lake the past two Mondays for a little relaxation after our long cherry weekend. It has been so nice and Nico has done great on the boat......he loves it!

Nico and Dad on the boat.....he was ready for a nap.

At the park

Nico and Hannah loved the sand volleyball court.....

Nico with his Auntie Lexi on the boat

Getting a little driving lesson from Uncle Warren.......SCARY

Throwing rocks in the lake with Dad

Marc wake surfing on my new wake surf glad its summer!!!!

Nico wearing Uncle Lucas's sunglasses.......a little sideways.....

The bread lady at the Farms Market gave Nico his own personal roll.........he loved tearing into it!

Our second Monday at the lake floating with Auntie

Nico having a snack in his frog chair!!!!

Having lunch with the big kids!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cherry Season, Cooking with Dad, Grandpa's Bday, New Car, Chase Dugo and Nonna and Nonno's

Cherry Season is upon us and we have a new little helper! We have taken Nico to a few markets and he absolutely loves it! If only I could work and take care of Nico at the same time:-)! Last year I would put Nico in the front pack and work away.....this year it's a different story! Now I have to chase Nico up and down the market, and make sure he doesn't get into the cherries! He loves cherries and I have to watch how many I give him because if not....I pay!!!!! If you know what I mean:-)!

Nico at his first market

and he loves to take the money!!!!!!

"What mom? Can't I have more cherries?"

He also loves to help cook in the kitchen........I think I have a mini Marc on my hands!

My Dad's birthday was week before we had a birthday dinner for him. Nico's favorite song is "Happy Birthday" We sing it over and over again.......yes Nico sings it.....complete with blowing out the candle at the end...even if there isn't a candle:-)! Its really cute! He can almost sing the entire song........and he doesn't blow out the candle until the song is over.....and its Nico's birthday every time:-)!!!! I think he is like his mom.........loves his birthday!

Nico's new car..........the Easter bunny brought this for Nico and Grandpa put it together! He loves it!

Too cool for school!!!

Daddy's little helper.....


We finally were able to meet Chase Dugo.....and what a little handsome dude he is! Nico was really cute with him.....he would look at him for the longest time and then touch him very softly.....pretty good for our little rough guy!

Does it get anymore precious than this?

Okay maybe:-)!!!

Nico preferred Chase in the car seat and not in Moms arms....just a little jealous!

Congrats to Rob and Katrina!!!!!

Oh yeah, and I think we dropped a few dollars at the pizza parlor riding the horse........

Next, we were off to Nonna and Nonno's....and Nico loves to play the piano!

Taaaaa daaaaaa

and mow the lawn.....

and we spent lots of time in the swing........just realxing!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lots of Pics

Well, here is a ton of pictures....this is why I have been so delayed in getting my blog updated. These are random pictures not in any order but this is what we have been up to the past 6 weeks!!!!!

We go to My Gym every week. Nico loves spending time there and we have made some friends. We are most excited that our friends Gianna and Jackie have joined us and we see them on a weekly basis! These are a few pictures that she took a couple of weeks ago.

We went to the Coldani's for a drink and to catch up with the Kern's and the Coldani's! We had a great visit-it was just too short! Here is Nico swinging on Giada's swing!

Here is a funny picture. Nico got inside the laundry drawer!

We went to Auntie Lexi's college graduation this weekend in L.A.-I wasn't very good about taking pictures but I did take a pic of the load it takes us to travel for a long weekend.

We then spent a night with Chris and Lauren. We had a nice visit, tons of laughs and a great dinner. We sure wish they still lived in Northern California. Thanks for such a fun night!

Meghan and Josh came for dinner one night and the kids were able to play.....its amazing how entertaining two one year olds are.

Hannah looks like she is scared for her life!!!!! Nico says "hold on!"

They loved playing in the puddle together

and the pool together

Nico and Mom's new favorite toy....the hose Nico will spend hours watching the water dribble out and mom is happy he has found something to entertain him for longer than a minute!

Mom and Dad had a weekend away. We attended Stagecoach 2010! Alright besides missing our son.....I think it might have been the most fun we have had! We can't recommend it enough! If you like country music and a huge should go

We went to Santa Barbara for work but we also had a relaxing getaway before cherry season began! On our way home we stopped to have lunch with my college roommate and her girls Lexi and Madeline........great to see them!

While in Santa Barbara we took Nico to the zoo! He loved it! Here is our little Monkey

he loved the flamingos....could have watched them for hours!

and the parrots

Our friends John and Monika welcomed Francesca Avansino into the world. We made a quick visit to meet her! She is beautiful.

Our sixth nephew Evan Philip was born on April 15th. We are getting very close to having our own baseball team!

My aunt Sharon turned 50 this past month. My uncle through her an amazing birthday party that I had a blast planning! I'm hoping to upload the video of pictures because I think I was too busy having fun that I forgot to take pictures!

Pictures of the flowers before the party!

Nico with his first Mohawk from Uncle Max....just love this pic

We spent Easter Sunday at home this year. Nico with his Uncle Rob

Hunting for Easter Eggs........he actually found the hardest one! He did a great job! He would pick them up and then smash them in his hand!

Easter morning with a little bedhead!

Coloring Easter eggs!

We beat the rain.....but it was cold!

We went to the Cardnial Newman dedication of the beautiful all weather baseball field. Warren threw the first pitch

The Friday before my Cousin got married in Scotia. We had SO MUCH FUN at the are a few pics!
Nico with Uncle Max

Sarah with her mommy and daddy:-)

The beautiful bride and groom! Congrats!

I love this pic! Nico with the MEN on the dance floor! Nico danced all night!

Nico with his Great Grandma and Grandpa!

Marc and I did the flowers for the wedding

We hosted a baby shower for my girlfriend Katrina........

We also attended a 70's party!